Bogdan "Latch" Ogrimsson McKnuckles


bogdan-photo.jpg Fussy, impatient with people, and obsessed with cleanliness, Bogdan is happiest in his workshop or out in the field, building, testing and improving his locks and traps.

The strange dwarf has a clipped, precise way of speaking, trying to minimize time spent in conversation and away from his work, and is generally brusque when dealing with people.

In combat, his manner is just as precise, preferring to strike for maximum effect, swinging blades and throwing his handaxes without any qualms about striking distracted or incapacitated enemies. He prefers to avoid bloodshed, however— not because he has anything against violence, but because he would rather not have his armor soiled with blood.


Bogdan’s Character Sheet

The son of eccentric gold dwarf blacksmith Ogrim Deepaxe and famed warrior Meryn McKnuckles, from early on in life it became apparent that Bogdan was atypical of his kind: shy, introverted and quiet, he developed a love of mechanical locks and traps that earned him an apprenticeship in the citadel of Felbar, his mother’s ancestral home.

Over the years, the young dwarf’s perfectionism drove him to find more and more unconventional means of improving his creations, which earned him a reputation amongst his guildmates. In trying to understand how to make the perfect locks and traps, he began to learn the craft of the thief, breaking into locked doors and chests to “troubleshoot” them, trying to understand how they could be improved.

Many of his more traditional guildmates, while grudgingly recognizing his great potential as a craftsman, shunned him for his extracurricular activities. His warrior mother, in the meantime, had given up trying to get him on the path of the family trade, soldiering, giving him up as “his father’s son.”

Now Bogdan travels as “Latch,” the nickname given to him by the other thieves, searching for more ways a lock can be improved (and broken into).

Bogdan "Latch" Ogrimsson McKnuckles

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