Ryllian Thorne


Raw: [STR 15, CON 15, DEX 17, WIS 14, INT 11, CHA 8.]
Modified: [STR 15, CON 15, DEX 18, WIS 15, INT 11, CHA 10.]Ryllian.jpg


A dusky blend of her human father and green elven mother, Ryllian grew up the useless half-breed of her elven tribe. Fostered into elf forests after her father died, she became the tribe’s dunce: arms too weak a pull a bow (a trait she shares, she is told, with her sire), not as quick, not as attuned to the forest. This half-elf is used to the derision of her elven relations. Her cousins could never quite understand why Ryllian’s mother, a priestess of the god Rillifane Rallathil (whom Ryllian is named after) would deign consort with so spindly a human, let alone bear its child—-and then take it back after it was originally decided to send the babe to its sire. Ryllian misses her recently deceased father very much.

Perhaps what she misses most is his fierce and passionate spirit, which Ryllian has also inherited. She is a ranger whose heart is comfortable under the canopy of the forest and an urban sprawl. She has a keen sense of justice and will track down those who dare to violate it.

Her exploits in Chondath have gotten the attention of Harper cells in the area, a group she greatly admires. Now, she’s in her first major operation for them, investigating slavers in the infamous drow city of Menzoberranzan. Ryllian is determined to succeed, but is secretly afraid she isn’t in too deep over her head.


Ryllian Thorne

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