A Gnome Tinker and Bard



Mikel is a small, blond gnome who likes people, and most especially likes people who are unique in her eyes. She’s cheerful and won’t let you forget it, but tends to be particular and lazy when it comes to tasks that bore her. As a student in Lantan, Mikel has developed a strong love for learning and knowledge, and applies herself to every new interest with a passion.


Mikel’s Character Sheet

Mikel comes from Lantan, and grew up tinkering and creating small, clockwork toys and other silly devices. She joined the tinkerer’s guild to learn from her elders and for more opportunities to hone her skills, and later took to the streets with her toy stage plays both as a way to entertain herself, and to challenge her craft. Being on the streets allowed her to meet a few adventurers here and there, among them a bard who told her many fantastic stories of heroes and adventurers that can be found outside of Lantan. Easily fascinated and even more easily inspired, Mikel decided right there and then that these heroes must be a good subject for her plays.

Using her membership with the guild, she found her way to the rest of the world and began her own quest to look for these extraordinary people and witness their adventures. She spent some time in the various guildhalls working and showing off her devices, and eventually made her way to the bigger world stumbling and tripping over herself in search of these heroics.


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