Songs of the Underdark

Summary of Chapter 1 - Prisoners of the Drow

  • Mikel, Latch, and Ryllian are captured by the drow and tossed into a cell with a motley crew of fellow prisoners: a derro, a quaggoth, 3 deep gnomes, a drow, a shield dwarf, a myconid, a kuo-toa, and an orc.
  • They use a gold coin wagered by Jimjar and a scavenged gem to create makeshift lock picks to remove their manacles during escape.
  • Sarkith offers to guide them out of Velkynvelve, but warns them that the north passage leads to Menzoberranzan. He tells them to go to Neverlight Grove instead, and they agree.
  • Mikel uses chamber pot duty to try smuggle items helpful to their escape, but forgets in her desire to obtain a sliver of wood.
  • Latch tries to steal some weapons from the drow during a faked scuffle between Ront and Prince Derendil, but is discovered and beaten.
  • Ryllian discretely incites a fight between two quaggoth while shovelling their poop (with her hands). The ruse kills the two quaggoth and two drow guards. She’s knocked unconscious; when she wakes up, she discovers that Sarkith gleefully took the credit for her deed — and is now dead. The drow priestess doesn’t believe a half-elf capable of such a clever murder of four of her troupe, so Ryllian is off the hook.
  • However, Jorlan isn’t fooled. He likes the idea of a mutt tu’rilthiir outsmarting his former lover, so helps the party escape by leaving their cage unlocked.
  • During the escape, the party loot the armoury and also partially loot Ilvara’s quarters, retrieving some of their old belongings. They kill two more drow in the confusion created by a demon attack, and leave Velkynvelve by the west. However, without Sarkith, and with the slavers in hot pursuit, they must travel blindly in hopes of reaching the Darklake.
  • Ryllian always covers their tracks, but their pursuers aren’t thrown off yet.
  • After an encounter with two goblin guides in a vast cavern of spiderwebs, the party find a halfling adventurer who wishes to reunite with his group and return to the surface. They follow him to their next destination, an ancient Netherese tomb.


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