Songs of the Underdark

Summary of Chapter 2 - Into Darkness/The Lost Tomb of KHAEM
  • The goblins, put off by Ryllian’s hostility against them, do not accompany the party beyond the Silken Paths, and instead return to their thrill-seeking and dangerous lifestyle.
  • Everyone has strange dreams. Ryllian sees her parents’ deaths, but instead of their faces, they wear the mockingly satisfied death mask of Sarkith. Mikel dreams of the flooding of Lantan and of a single hero, a bard, standing on the shore facing off against a two-headed behemoth with tentacles for arms. Latch dreams of being an object trapped behind an elaborate door and mechanical lock.
  • They enter a more “wooded” area of zhurkwood mushrooms. Fargas, the halfling, is pressed for his knowledge of the Tomb and Nether. He gives a notebook of lore from one of his companions to Latch to study. Prince Derendil’s hope in finding a cure to his curse is raised by the prospect of High Magic.
  • The lack of clothes among the smaller party members is highlighted. Fargas gives his spare pants to Jimjar.
  • In the morning, however, Fargas is found murdered just outside the camp. His eyes are gouged out and stuffed into his mouth; his torso has been cut open from throat to navel, and his intestines are arrayed around him in a ritual circle.
  • Jimjar takes Fargas’ boots, Silica takes Jimjar’s good shirt, Mikel takes Fargas’ pants. Unnerved, the party shift camp quickly.
  • They find the Tomb suspended on a fungus colony in a large cavern, but no sign of Fargas’ companions. Climbing up, they begin following the tracks of the party.
  • Latch’s book and Mikel’s magic teach them that the tomb belongs to an ancient sorceress who lived during Karsus’ time, Brysis Khaem. Within are also her four protectors and what is left of her daughter, whose name is lost to time. No depiction of the daughter graces the murals highlighting her mother’s power and accomplishments.
  • Mikel’s spells create strange secondary effects inside of the tomb. In one such tangle of the Weave, she becomes 5 years younger.
  • Prince Derendil and Latch fall under a curse for disturbing the false tomb. Four specters attack the party. A dark spirit also assaults the party just as they try to settle down to rest — but a voice, from the true tomb, calls out to Latch to free it from the door it is trapped behind.
  • The wraith first attempts to absorb Mikel’s vibrant energies, then is forced to contend with Ryllian, and finally Ront. Mikel and Ryllian retreat below to where Latch retrieves a sunblade, and Ryllian, attuning to the weapon, uses it to banish the spirit.
  • The sunblade introduces itself as Dawnbringer, or simply Dawn, which contains the soul of the teenage daughter of Brysis Khaem.
  • The party takes their long rest, counts out the considerable coin retrieved from the tomb, and continues again toward the Darklake.
Summary of Chapter 1 - Prisoners of the Drow
  • Mikel, Latch, and Ryllian are captured by the drow and tossed into a cell with a motley crew of fellow prisoners: a derro, a quaggoth, 3 deep gnomes, a drow, a shield dwarf, a myconid, a kuo-toa, and an orc.
  • They use a gold coin wagered by Jimjar and a scavenged gem to create makeshift lock picks to remove their manacles during escape.
  • Sarkith offers to guide them out of Velkynvelve, but warns them that the north passage leads to Menzoberranzan. He tells them to go to Neverlight Grove instead, and they agree.
  • Mikel uses chamber pot duty to try smuggle items helpful to their escape, but forgets in her desire to obtain a sliver of wood.
  • Latch tries to steal some weapons from the drow during a faked scuffle between Ront and Prince Derendil, but is discovered and beaten.
  • Ryllian discretely incites a fight between two quaggoth while shovelling their poop (with her hands). The ruse kills the two quaggoth and two drow guards. She’s knocked unconscious; when she wakes up, she discovers that Sarkith gleefully took the credit for her deed — and is now dead. The drow priestess doesn’t believe a half-elf capable of such a clever murder of four of her troupe, so Ryllian is off the hook.
  • However, Jorlan isn’t fooled. He likes the idea of a mutt tu’rilthiir outsmarting his former lover, so helps the party escape by leaving their cage unlocked.
  • During the escape, the party loot the armoury and also partially loot Ilvara’s quarters, retrieving some of their old belongings. They kill two more drow in the confusion created by a demon attack, and leave Velkynvelve by the west. However, without Sarkith, and with the slavers in hot pursuit, they must travel blindly in hopes of reaching the Darklake.
  • Ryllian always covers their tracks, but their pursuers aren’t thrown off yet.
  • After an encounter with two goblin guides in a vast cavern of spiderwebs, the party find a halfling adventurer who wishes to reunite with his group and return to the surface. They follow him to their next destination, an ancient Netherese tomb.

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